In 2003, the love of the open road brought together four Central Texas police officers and led them to create the Gunslingers MC.  Robert "Hawk" Hawkins, Troy "Drive" Brown, John "Chill" Wills, and Keith "Buck" Suitt are the founding fathers of the Gunslingers MC. 

Today, the Gunslingers MC "Mother Chapter" is made up of active and retired law enforcement officers.   Over the last few years, the Gunslinger MC has caught on and chapters have been authorized in several states.  Other Chapters currently include:   Wichita, KS; Sutter-Buttes, CA; Portland, OR; Motor City, MI; Topeka, KS; Lubbock, TX; Twin Cities, MN; Wilmington, DE; Fort Worth, TX; Kansas City, KS; Odessa, TX; Fargo, ND, Houston, TX, Black Swamp, OH, Oklahoma City, OK, Ocean NJ, Lawton, OK and Table Rock, MO.

The love of the open road brings Gunslingers together...the Thin Blue Line ties us together.  We honor our brothers and sisters who have made the ultimate sacrifice in protection of our cities, states, and nation.